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Clear Goal Media was born out of the belief that FORTUNE 500 web editing and marketing software could be made accessible to US SME's at affordable prices.

Clear Goal Media set out and achieved in creating a software solution that brings advanced Web 2.0 marketing techniques in the domain of SME's, without the need of any technical knowledge.

As a result we can offer an automated solution that gives you the same powerful and intelligent website functionality that highly competitive firms enjoy. Get your firm focused on ROI, Metrics and put yourself in control of the content of your website.

We felt that the web design business model of creating a site for a fee and then charging the customer for each update was outdated. We also concluded that with current technological advances we could make FORTUNE 500 technology available to SME's at significantly reduced costs by implementing a new business model that could offset cost through economies of scale.

Clear Goal Media does not aim to compete on price in its chosen industry. Our prices are established simply on what we calculate as an achievable market equilibrium (driven by supply and demand) and aim to keep it within reach of small to medium business budgets. Clear Goal Media aims to compete on quality and the sheer usability and scope of our software.

Thanks for learning more about us and joining us in the quest to create the next generation of website software.

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Clear Goal Media offers its services nationwide. It's headquarters are located in 1103 Sarasota Cicle, Dallas, Texas, 75223, USA.

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