Chambers Architects

steve_chambersI can highly recommend Clear Goal Media. I had a website that was developed 14 years ago that worked well, but was not able to keep up with recent changes in search engine architecture.

Clear Goal Media developed a marketing plan related to search engine optimization, designed a new website with these strategies in mind, and then began to optimize my web presence in all of the search engines so that I could reach the client profile that we targeted.

The results in a few months are amazing. I continue to use him as we extend our web presence and update the site.

Steve Chambers ( President ~ Chambers Architects, Dallas, TX )

Anthony Lowenberg

anthony_lowenberg Clear Goal Media did a fantastic job with our website.

I consider them my go-to expert regarding web-related issues.

Anthony Lowenberg ( Attorney ~ Hermes Sargent Bates, Dallas, TX )

Fine Arts Chamber Players

fineartschamberplayersAs a nonprofit, Fine Arts Chamber Players (FACP) struggled to find someone to build a cost effective, efficient and easy-to-maintain website for the organization. The team at Clear Goal Media took the time to discuss our needs, wants and usage - and they launched the website in record time - only two weeks!! Most impressive, the Clear Goal Media Team was very helpful in training FACP staff and providing organization specific training videos and materials. With these great tools, it has been so very easy to maintain and update the website with in-house staff. Moreover, Online Design has continued to provide on-going technical support and they are happy to make changes and updates to the website as our needs for the website change. FACP and our patrons are all very, very pleased with the website and we would recommend Clear Goal Media to anyone who would like a cost effective, efficient and easy-to-maintain website with minimal financial and time investment!

Gae Hatton ( Executive Director ~ Fine Arts Chamber Players, Dallas Texas )

Michael Anderson

2a814d5The people we worked with at Clear Goal Media are detail-oriented and creative problem solvers who delivered superior quality and service for my web-based project.

I highly recommend them.

Michael Anderson ( Associate Attorney ~ Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, Dallas, TX )


32230_426375599743_764074743_5433496_3677305_nClear Goal Media is special. They are a can do company that answers any challenge with a resound 'Yes'. They exceeded all expectations and launched our project on time and within budget.

John Wolfenden ( CFO ~ CGI, London, United Kingdom )

The Lovely Owl

meredith_hamnerClear Goal Media did a fabulous job designing and setting up my blog. Being a blog novice I was thrilled to find someone who could take me through the process step-by-step. The interface is easy to use and allows me to create daily blogs with photos, links etc.

Their team is always available for questions. Clear Goal Media's website is set up with a Q&A forum. They post text and video to help answer questions and learn new things about marketing your website.

I would recommend Clear Goal Media to individuals or businesses looking for a tech savvy, creative and helpful firm to create blogs and websites for them.

Meredith Hamner ( Creator of The Lovely Owl ~ The Lovely Owl, New York, NY )


susannahClear Goal Media have been paramount to the launch of our website and have gone over and above their call of duty to help us get up and running.

Having never maintained a website or social media project before, Clear Goal Media have guided us though each process and provided us with bespoke tutorials and invaluable advice on how to optimise our site.

Their team are very reliable and even though we're based in the UK with a 6 hour time difference their response times to our questions are superb.

I would highly recommend Clear Goal Media to any of my business contacts.

Susannah Cery ( Account Director ~ IPM, United Kingdom )

Hilton International

0b02e6eIn the time I worked with Clear Goal Media they showed the ability to filter and analyze vast amounts of information incredibly efficiently. The outcomes and recommendations they provided, were always constructive and became an invaluable source of information to base future decisions on.

It has been a great pleasure working with them.

Paul Meijer ( Marketing Executive ~ Hilton Int, London, Watford, United Kingdom )

Chase Zander

268bacdClear Goal Media is a really good company to work with. They are friendly and extremely knowledgeable in their field.

Clear Goal Media is trustworthy and has customer's best interests at heart at all times.

They provide solutions to problems in a clear and cost effective way positioning themselves as a partner to your business who want to help you succeed and grow.

I would highly recommend Clear Goal Media for SEO projects especially within small / medium sized businesses, they really can make all the difference to your web campaign whilst giving you the skills and knowledge to manage SEO yourself.

Emily White ( Marketing Director ~ Chase Zander, London )


n703587951_1357154_149 Clear Goal Media completely exceeded my expectations. They were able to build Admedia's website quickly and produced a fantastic website with very little to go on. Despite the tight budget they delivered everything I asked for and then some. Clear Goal Media was very professional and I highly recommend their work. I will be using Clear Goal Media for my future website needs.

Liam Schooling ( Senior Buyer ~Admedia, London )

Country Couples

sally-boltonHaving had a number of unpleasant experiences with IT service providers I was very skeptical by the time I found Clear Goal Media, however I was very pleasantly surprised within a short space of time. Staff is efficient, professional and knows their subject. Their communication skills are excellent and provided information in a format I (a non technical person) could understand.

I shall be hiring Clear Goal Media in the future and am happy to recommend his services to website owners.

Sally Bolton ( President ~ Country Couples, London )

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