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The magic of not finding what you want

If not us, who? If not now, when? - JFK

Did you ever search for a product that could compliment your lifestyle or help your business but didn't find it? Congrats, you just found yourself a niche.

Ask yourself if you have the core competences to deliver the product yourself, and if not, develop the skills or create partnerships with those that already have the skills.

If it isn't there, it is aching for you to bring it here.

The Power of Content Marketing for Your Small Business

The Power of Content Marketing for Your Small Business

When someone stumbles upon an article that captivates their interest, it immediately makes him or her wonder where to find more similar articles. Maybe the article provided an uplifting message, advice on daily living or specific information for using a product. Wise small business owners are using their free time to outsmart the competition in using online content to attract these types of online viewers. By writing fascinating articles that appeal to people, small business owners are regaining power in the marketplace and are driving success to their businesses. Here are some ways that you can create content that is fresh and unique to appeal to your customers.