16 Easy Ways to Promote your Facebook Page

16 Easy Ways to Promote your Facebook Page

So you've created a great looking Facebook Page, but don’t have any visitors yet? Don’t fret, we’ve got some great ideas to build up your audience and increase pageviews with a few easy methods. With the internet being such a vast maze of sites,  people may need a bit of guidance to find your valuable content.

1. Tell Everyone You Know

local promotionWord of mouth marketing is still a great way to get your site noticed. Let people know about that your page is up and get friends and colleagues to visit your page and give you a LIKE.

You can invite people to your page directly from the Resources part of your page settings. Click the link that say "Tell your Fans" which allows you to import a contact file from your preferred email client and quickly spread the word about your new page.

2. Customise your Business Page URL

Once you've accumulated your first 25 likes, Facebook allows you to edit your page URL. If necessary, change it to something easier to remember or something more closely related to your company name.

3. QR Codes

facebook-like-us-qr-code-smallQR (Quick Response) Codes are popping up everywhere, you see them in newspapers and magazines and they’re a quick way to direct mobile users to a specific website via a smartphone/tablets camera.

These QR Codes are very easy to create and are small enough to placed pretty much anywhere. You can use them on brochures, print ads or on your product’s packaging.

4. Email Promotion

If you’ve got an email list, send a quick email letting your subscribers know of your Facebook page and give them compelling reasons to go take a look. From now on, all future newsletters should have a link to your Facebook page as well.

5. Youtube Promotion

youtubeIf you make videos regularly for your site or just for fun, a well-timed Facebook business page shout-out at the end of your video is a great way to get it noticed. You should also place the URL of your page in your video's description, more people read the description box than you might think.

And that wraps it up. These tips should get your page off to a running start and help to build an audience.

Be sure to supply steady content to your page to keep your readers happy.

6. Twitter Promotion

Your Twitter profile background is a great place to advertise your Facebook page. There are still lots of Twitter users 
that use the web-based version, so I nice catchy image in the background with your Facebook page URL could increase views substantially.

A simple tweet to your followers can also drive traffic to your Facebook page. Let your followers know about your latest interesting post and get a discussion going.

8.Tagging other Fan Pagestagging fan page

It's pretty easy to create some cross-traffic by linking to a popular fan page that receives a high amount of traffic. If fans of that site see your post, they may visit your page to see what you are all about.

8. Blog About your New Business Page

You don't need to beg readers to visit your business page but you can entice them with compelling reasons why they should. Just tell them what's on offer and where to find, they'll make up their own minds.

9. Facebook Ads

If you've got a bit of cash available for marketing, Facebook ads are an easy way to get your page noticed. It's simple to setup and you can spend as little or as much as you want, until you receive your desired amount of traffic.

10. The Facebook Like Boxfacebook like box2

Show off your business page by adding Facebook's Like Box to your website or blog. It gives a nice impression of what to expect from your page by providing a preview of your latest posts as well as profile pics of your army of followers.

11. Add a link to your Facebook Profile

People still check the About You section of Facebook, so why not add a link out to your business page. It's a very timid way of redirecting people over to business page. You can add a link in your About section which is immediately viewable as well as your Work section. 

12. Ask Fans to Post a Link to your Page

This is a nifty little trick that vastly increase your number of fans. Simply send out a post asking your loyal fans to post a link to your page, on their profile. If you don't do this too often, you'll find that lots of people are very willing to help out.

13. Use Google Adwords to Increase Viewsadwords

By using targeted keywords related to the content on your page, you can create highly effective ads to get more visitors to your site. Adwords ads are pretty easy to setup, requiring you to fill in only a few lines of text to create an eye-catching ad.

14. Local Promotion

Anywhere you CAN place your Facebook page info - you should. It'is free advertising at it's best. So make sure people see your page, not only online, but also in their day-to-day life. Having your page site shown on your car or business card is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your business.

15. Team Powerteam power

Get everyone in your organization to put a link on their profile to your business page. You can always reciprocate with a link to theirs when needed, but it's a great way to get your page off to a good start.

16. Allow Followers on your Personal Page

If you're the lone figurehead of your company and don't mind having your private details public on Facebook, but don't want to add all your customers as friends - you can use the handy Followbutton. Add this to your profile and anyone that wants to receive updates from you will be able to "follow" without asking to be friends. To do this, simply click the Gear icon in the top right hand corner of your profile and choose Account Settings. Click on Followers from the list and simply check the box next to the words Allow Followers.

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