28 Ways to Boost Facebook Page Activity

28 Ways to Boost Facebook Page Activity

We've shown you how to create a Facebook business page and how to promote your Facebook Page. Now we're going to take it up a notch with ways to boost traffic and activity on your page. It doesn't stop with just accumulating 'likes', you need to stay active on your page and promote it to encourage discussions and keep your brand in your readers mind.

1. Facebook Offers

Once you've reached 400 'likes' the offers menu will appear in your page's status-creation box. With this, you're able to create interactive offers that your fans can claim and redeem on your website or via a printed-out voucher instore. If you've got any special deals or promotions going on, this is the perfect place to add them. You can have your loyal fans spread the word and create a buzz for you by sharing your offer on their profile's.

Facebook Offers headlines are limited to 90 characters and you should definitely add a nice image that corresponds to your offer. You can also choose how many vouchers you'd like to circulate but be sure to give your fans sufficient time to claim your offer after they've clicked your page. Another great piece of advice is to leave out percentages when creating an offer. Instead of offering someone 5% or 10% off, offer them $5 or $10. It's much easier on people than having to do mental maths to work out how much they're saving. You should also check Facebook's guidelines and restrictions before posting your offer.

2. Asking Fans for Likes and Shares

Ask your fans to like and share your content. This is great exposure for your page as your posts will show up in their news feed allowing all their friends to see it. Doing this too often comes off spammy and desperate so be sure to word it as nicely as possible and only use it occasionally. Action words like "post," "submit," "like," "take," and "tell us" have been found to be very effective. Don't try and wriggle around it, be direct and your fans will help out.

3. Sneaky Cross Promotion on Pages

Posting comments on other fan pages in your niche is a great way to market your page. Give useful, witty and insightful info when making a comment and you may encourage people to visit your page. Make sure that you're posting as your fan page and not your personal profile as each comment leaves behind a link to the poster, and you want these to be linking to your page.

4. Cross Promotion with other Pages

A powerful way of increasing interest on your page is to work with other page managers in a similar business to your own. Contact other page managers to work out how you could both benefit from some cross promotion in your pages. Even though you might be in different niches, you may share the same clientele.

5. Make use of Facebook's Promoted Posts Feature

You can reach a much larger portion of your Facebook fans by investing in Facebook's Promoted Posts which will feature a post of your choice on your fan's News Feed for up to 3 days. If your fans interact with the post, their friends will see it on their news feed, further increasing exposure. This is a paid service but it's a great way to workaround Facebook's EdgeRank that filters out posts from fans News Feeds. I strongly suggest you experiment with this a bit to find out what works best for you and incorporate it into your long-term strategy.

Here's a few tips to get you started:

  1. Only promote your best content – you can use Facebook's Insights feature to keep an eye on comments, shares and likes.
  2. Pin your promoted post – this will create more visibility and hence more engagement.
  3. Only promote to fans to lower the chances of your post receiving negative attention.

6. Diverting Conflicts and using the Blocklist

If you run into an unhappy customer on your page, offer them an alternative form of contact (email/phone) to avoid them ranting on your wall and blemishing your reputation. Going a step further, Facebook has Moderation Blocklists which can be used to keep unwanted content off your page.

7. Keep Mobiles Users in Mind

More and more people are using their mobile phones to access Facebook, so try to keep your content short and sweet to keep your smaller screen audience happy. Short posts, lots of photos, and videos is the way to go. Facebook users tend to skim through their news feed, so you'll need to draw them in with an interesting picture and a short phrase – 80 characters or less.

8. Avoid Auto-Posting Tweets and Videos

If you don't use Facebook much and don't tweet much either, then auto-posting is fine. However, if you push a lot of updates, auto-posts look spammy and impersonal. Start doing your Facebook posts manually and in this way you can customize your images, links and descriptions to vastly improve each post before publishing it.

9. Share Testimonials with your Fans

If you receive some high praise from one of your customers, don't be shy about highlighting it on your Facebook wall for all your fans to see. You should also encourage other fans to leave comments in your Recommendations box or perhaps even add a "reviews" application, allowing customers to leave rating on your services.

10. Facebook Events

You can use Facebook Events directly from the status updates box to advertise an upcoming event and use status updates to countdown towards it – and build some hype. It's always a good idea to post a picture with every event you create. If you plan on creating events on a consistent basis, Facebook has a Create Repeat Event option in the drop-down box on the Event's page.

11. Highlighting Important Posts

You can highlight posts on your timeline by clicking the little star icon while hovering over a post. This increases the size of the post dramatically, making it stand out among your other posts and making it more prominent to readers.

12. Page Milestones

Similar to your personal profile, you're able to mark of major milestones in your page's life as well. Create a milestone whenever you reach a significant point in your page's life to mark that point in history – your 1000th sale or your 1000th fan perhaps. It's a nice way of showing your fans your companies growth and achievements and getting them involved.

13. Fan of the Month

Choose one of your fans that actively participates on your page and highlight him/her as your Fan of the Month and give that person a small incentive. This gives that fan a little ego boost as well as encouraging other readers to participate more on your page to win the title and prize next month.

14. Behind the Scenes of your Brand

Besides your profile pic and cover photo, you should also have some photo albums to show off your business, it's employees and the workplace. It's gives a face (or lots of faces) to the company and builds trust with your audience. Why not take a picture to highlight a member of staff or your latest product, and post it up for your fans?

15. Pin Important Posts

Facebook allows you to pin a single post to the top of your timeline for up to a week. You can use this to feature your most important posts to get more views. You can do this easily by hovering over a post until you see the pencil icon. Click the icon and choose "Pin to Top." Now, any new updates will show below your pinned content until either you unpin it or it runs it's course.

16. No Bragging or Moaning

There are a countless number of people that use Facebook to moan about their life or brag about how fantastic it is. Don't be one of these people! It's not a good look for your business and will tarnish your brand name. It's important to remain professional at all times on your business page, and provide consistent useful and interesting content.

17. The Timeline Hack

The Timeline Hack is an easy way to make your page look fantastic. It's basically a PSD overlay to help your arrange your cover photo and profile pic in the best possible way, making it possible to do some amazing things that can really make your page stand out. Once you've got the hang of it, it's a breeze to use for any future pages you might decide to make.

18. Become Everyone's Favorite

Contact other Facebook page managers and offer to add their page to your favorites in exchange for them doing the same. This another great way to cross-promote over Facebook. You should also get your fans to put you on a special "favorite page" list on their profiles. In this way their friends will be exposed to your page more often.

19. Facebook Contests

Running a competition or contest off your page is great for boosting engagement. You could have fans answer a question or post a photo or video message, almost anything you like. The end goal is to attract new fans that will stay with after the competition ends. Try offer a prize that's related to your business in some way. If you own/manage a hotel, a free night's stay is a fitting gift that's easily connected to your brand. If you were to offer something like a gift voucher, you could possibly receive more likes and entries but you'll be attracting an audience that's only there for the prize with little to no interest in your brand. Be sure to consult Facebook's page guidelines for promotions before setting it up.

20. Encourage Conversations between Fans

Forums are popular because people can ask for advice and give advice to people with similar interests in a community-driven environment. Attempt to replicate this feeling on your page by encouraging conversation and discussion between your fans.

21. Facebook/Website Branding

Compare your Facebook and Website designs and work out the best way to connect the two. For some it may be a similar theme that runs through both, creating familiarity between the two while for others it could be a chance to show off their funny side on their Facebook page while keeping the website to it's more serious tone.

22. Redirecting your Webinar Guests

GoToWebinar has a handy feature that allows you to redirect registrants to an URL of your choice after they sign up. If you're a GoToWebinar user, this option is great for getting interested parties to your Facebook page.

23. Add your Page URL to PowerPoint

Be sure to add your Facebook page URL to a PowerPoint slide for future presentations. This is great for networking purposes and gives your audience an easy way to find and contact you later. A visual display of your Facebook page name is a lot more memorable than simply telling it to people in the room. Use it on your final slide so that it's the last thing the audience sees.

24. Facebook Live Eventsfacebook milestone

To go that extra mile for your fans, you can setup a live chat session or webinar with your fans over Facebook. Be sure to advertise it well in advance and post it on your page several times leading up to the event.

25. Adding a Store to Facebook

Facebook's Marketplace allows you to have your products displayed for purchase directly on your Facebook business page. You also have a varied choice of third party apps to choose from when setting up an eStore on a Facebook tab.

26. SMS Promotion for your Page

You can instantly become a fan of someone by sending an SMS with the words "fan yourusername" or "like yourusername" to 32665. This is especially useful when you're standing in front of a live audience. During your speech or immediately after, ask the audience to take out their phone and provide your Facebook username - asking them to text that number if they'd like to get more info later.

27. Tracking your Progress

Facebook's Insights track your page's performance from day to day. You can use this information to find out when you page is most active and make posts within that time period. The "Talking About" stats are great for checking who is actively promotion your page as opposed to who just liked a post and left.

28. Facebook Ads

If you're looking to expand your reach and engage with a much larger audience, then your should seriously consider trying out Facebook's Ads. Advertising doesn't always have to break the bank, at the moment you can setup an ad campaign spending as little as $2 a day.

Head here to get started with your first ad. Create at least 4 variations of ad to experiment with different images, messages and calls to action and see which performs best. Test a variety of target groups based on their criteria (age, gender, interests, location, likes, etc). Be sure to regularly check on your ads throughout the day to see how they're performing.

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