4 Social Media Websites You Might be Underutilizing

Social Media Websites to Help Your Small Business Succeed

4 Social Media Websites You Might be Underutilizing

Your small business succeeds when it blogs, tweets and updates statuses daily on social media websites. A business that effectively uses social media websites appears to have its act together, and customers appreciate that. They also love learning information that can make daily life easier or teach them something new. To begin embracing social media and cultivating your audience, here are some up and coming social media websites that your small business can use to prosper.

4 Social Media Websites You Might be Underutilizing

1. Using Pinterest for Creativity

The users on Pinterest thrive on creativity. They love art, culture, music, recipes and fashion. Your business can win the hearts of Pinterest users by creating content that appeals to the cultured sensibilities of users. A life coaching business could use Pinterest to post inspirational quotes for users, while an art gallery could post pictures of its latest acquisitions on the site. The key is to refrain from being overly "corporate" in the material that you post, and you should try to add some flavor and inspirational language to the posts that you create. Feel free to let your mind wander when you create posts on Pinterest for your customers.

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4 Social Media Websites You Might be Underutilizing

2. Use StumbleUpon to Gain an Audience

StumbleUpon is a site that users go to when they are bored and want to escape work or school. The website is literally based on the idea that users can flip through random websites in categories like humor or fashion. The way that your business will gain followers is by maintaining an active account. As a small business owner, you or an employee can manage the account and attempt to gain high ratings by other StumbleUpon users. For every website that users stumble upon, they can give it a good or bad rating. The more good ratings that you have, the more likely it is that other users will visit the pages that you have posted. You will then be able to promote your business and may even sell products as a result of the StumbleUpon viewers who visit your website. As a caveat, you should be careful about solely promoting your small business on StumbleUpon, as the website has a policy against users who create "spam" posts.


3. Give Customers an Inside Look with Instagram

Instagram is a site that people use to share trendy pictures with one another. Your small business can use Instagram to share pictures of its products with the rest of the world. There are some fun and creative ways that a small business owner can use in promoting its products. Perhaps your business sells a product that is manufactured in a unique way. If this is the case, then you can post pictures of the manufacturing process of your product and include a description for viewers. You can also post photos of the actual products that your business sells. You can even give your viewers new ideas for using your business's products. Perhaps your business sells jewelry that is aimed at a young demographic. You can post photos of different outfit ideas that incorporate the jewelry that your company sells. Also, giving your customers an insider view of the offices of your business can help increase the affinity that people have for your business.


4. Gain Credibility with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best known as a website in which professionals can post shortened versions of their resumes and network with one another. The website is so much more than this, however. In addition to allowing individuals to create their own web pages, businesses can also create their own groups on the website. Your business can create a group that has a message board and serves as a forum for customers or future employees of your company. Also, you may find that you come across great business opportunities by having a profile on LinkedIn. Other business people can send you messages on LinkedIn and may wish to negotiate deals with you.

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