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How to delay sending your messages in Outlook for 5 minutes

Written by Andrew Schooling Posted in Think. Dare. Do., Problems and solutions

Preventing the ‘Oh, no’ moment after sending an email

How to delay sending your messages in Outlook for 5 minutes

A simple guide to help you delay sending your emails for 5 minutes after you hit send.

Go to Outlook, look at the menu, click tools, from the drop down menu select ‘rules and alerts’. The rules and alerts window will pop up.


Click on ‘New rule’

Then choose  “Start from a blank rule”, choose “Check messages after sending”


Then click ‘next’.

Click ‘next’ again on the “Which conditions do you want to check”. A window will pop up


On the next screen, check the box for “defer delivery by a number of minutes”.


Click the Next button, and then give the rule a name


And that should keep you safe from sending emails before you have a chance to correct them.

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