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How to Setup a Facebook Business Page

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How to Setup a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is easily one of the most visited sites in the world with over 1 billion users and still growing. By opening up a Facebook business page, you’re opening up a world of marketing possibilities. Facebook not only dominates home PCs but the mobile market as well and it’s this type of marketing that you simply must get involved in. A Facebook Page is an ideal part of every businesses arsenal to reach a larger audience. 

So let's get started:

Head over to Create a Page to start building your brand new business page. 

If you’re currently using your personal profile as a business page, it’s best to change to a business page as soon as possible as Facebook can shut your account down without any notice. If you have been using your personal profile in this way, you can use Facebook’s migration tool to make the switch and keep all your friends/followers.


Choose your Type of Page

When setting up a page, you need to choose exactly what type of page it's going to be. Here are the choices you can choose from a little breakdown of each one.


Local business or Place: This is normally for businesses that have a physical shop somewhere. You're able to input your store hours, parking availability, address, price range and all your store details.

Company, Organization, or Institution: This is more for organizations, companies that don't have storefronts, and for online businesses.

Brand or Product: This is similar to the company page but without the address. This page is for a product or products that are sold by multiple vendors, like Apple or Samsung. If you're mass-producing an item, then this is for you, otherwise – go with the Company option.

Artist, Band or Public Figure: This one is quite straightforward. If you're in a band, an artist of some sort of public figure and want to draw some attention to your music/paintings/etc, then this is the choice for you.

Entertainment: If you're promoting something other than yourself, then this is the choice for you. If you want to create a page about a book or movie, etc, then this is the right choice.

Cause or Community: If you're supporting a cause or need to get some info out about something important, then this is page for you - to voice your opinion.


facbook getting started


Choosing a Name for your Page

It's a good idea to keep the name of your page short and on topic.

You want to be easy to tell people about and simple enough for them to remember it. This also helps later on if you decide to use Facebook ads, as the headline space (often the name of your page) is limited to only 25 character. Remember that you can only change the name of a Facebook page that has fewer than 200 likes, so make sure you're happy with yours from the start.

If you're not happy with the name and you qualify to change it, here's the steps to follow:
1. Click Edit Page, at the top of your Facebook page
2. Select Update Info
3. Change the text in the Name field and save

Your pages name does not affect your page's address (URL), but we'll get into how to edit that in a little while.


Adding a Profile Photo

Facebook profile photo's display at 160x160 pixels but the photo you upload must be at least 180x180 pixels.

Any image smaller than this will looked stretched and unsightly, so be sure to crop your images correctly before uploading. If you didn't add a profile pic during the initial page setup, not to worry, you can always add one directly from your timeline as you do in your personal profile (See image below).


facebook profile pic


The About Section

You Facebook page has a small About section in which you can include a few short sentences about your business. Be sure to fill in what you can offer your audience and why your page matters.

It's also very important that you include your website URL in this section of your page. When placed here, it shows a clickable link directly on your page, otherwise it will be buried in with all your other information and visitors will have to click through your About me section to find your link.


Apps and Tabs

Facebook allows you to add apps your your page within the tabs just below your cover image. If you look at the image below, you'll see that all new Facebook pages start out with a Photos tab and a Welcome tab. You can have up to 4 tabs showing at any time and can view the others by clicking on the little down arrow beside the tabs.

facebook apps


The Photo tab is always your left-most tab and shows the last photo that was uploaded. Your 4 visible tabs are known as your "favorites." Click the little 'down arrow' next to the Welcome tab to unhide all your tabs. You can now click the plus sign (+) to add extra tabs to your favorites. By hovering over any tab, you will see a pencil icon, click on this for more options like changing the tabs name, removing it from favorites and swapping it's position with other tabs.

By clicking on the Welcome tab, a new menu will open up where you can add an app of your choice. For instance, the website app allow you displace a page from your website. We'll discuss how to add custom tabs to your page a little later.


facebook app2


Adding a Facebook Cover

Facebook's Timeline cover area is a great place to really show off your brand and what you're all about.

The ideal size for your cover photo is 851x315 pixels, so you'll most likely need to resize your chosen image a bit.

Be creative when adding a cover image. You could use one image that really defines your brand or perhaps a collage of images to really stand out.


facebook cover photo


Be sure to follow Facebook's cover photo guidelines to ensure that your cover photo conforms to the rules. The latest terms and conditions from December 2012 have added some restrictions to cover photos and if you deviate from these rules, you cover photo may be deleted without warning.

You cover may not include:
1. Images with more than 20 percent text
2. Price or purchase info such at "50% off" or "Download it now"
3. Contact info such as your website address, email address, mailing address or info from your "About" section
4. References to Facebook or actions or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features
5. Calls to action like "Download it now," "Get it now" or "Tell your friends"


Setting Up your Facebook Page URL

The URL of your business page should reflect the name of your company 
and can be changed once you've reached 25 likes.

If you're thinking of changing the URL of your page, think about it very carefully
- as you can only change it once.

To change the URL of your page:

  1. Click Edit Page(found in the menu on the top right)
  2. Select Update Info
  3. Click change username in the username section
  4. Enter your new username and click "Check Availability"
  5. If it's available, simply click Confirm to save it


edit page2



Remeber, a page name and Facebook URL must accurately reflect the page's content. If not, Facebook can remove administrative rights or require you to change the page name and Facebook URL

Pages must:
i. not consist solely of generic terms (e.g., "beer" or "pizza");
ii. use proper, grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capitals, except for acronyms;
iii. not include character symbols, such as excessive punctuation and trademark designations; and
iv. not include superfluous descriptions or unnecessary qualifiers.


Create some Content

Write some useful and interesting articles to get your page started. Add both posts and photos to your page. Though you'll be adding posts consistently, you need to have a decent amount of content to start off with or you won't get any 'likes.'


Get your Friends to Like your Page

Once your page is up and running, it's time to get some activity going on it by getting your family and friends involved. There's a handy option to invite all your Facebook friends to your page or you can send individual people a direct message. This is a great way to get your first likes and get your page off the ground.


Create Custom Tabs with Static HTML

For those that want to go a step further, you can use the static HTML iframe application to build new tabs on your Facebook Page. This is a great feature that allows you to easily promote other products and services. If HTML isn’t your thing, you could always use a service like Pagemodo to create a fantastic-looking landing page for free.

Before the implementation of Facebook’s Timeline, these landing pages were great for encouraging non-fans to like your page, as you had the ability to direct readers to a tab of your choice. Though this feature is not available in the Timeline format, there is a workaround. If you build a custom tab using the Static HTML iframe app, you can direct customers to it via a direct link. If the URL of the page is too long, you can always set up redirect from a new domain. 


static html2



Creating Images for your Custom Tabs

In order to change the images in your custom tabs, you’ll need images with dimensions of 117x74 pixels. To edit your page’s custom tab images, you simply need to click the pencil icon on the tab in question to bring up the settings. Make sure you change the tab names as well to something that really stands out, like “Special Offers”, etc.


And that's it! You now have an impressive Facebook Page to show off your brand and build leads via social interaction. 

Remember to add updates regularly for all your subscribers and future customers.



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