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The End of Anonymity & Privacy

Written by Chris McCarthy Posted in Think. Dare. Do., Privacy, Informational, Opinion

When technology takes hold

The End of Anonymity & Privacy

Soon, you will no longer be anonymous. At least, everything points in that direction. Technology has forever changed the potential for privacy, and signs show that the younger generation is already adapting to this.

The technology to take a picture of someone and know all information that is available about them is already out there (Polar Rose and TAT offer it). This has already changed the dating behavior of some of the most tech savvy users: take a picture of a girl, find out her name, her friends, and if they don't manage their online identity carefully, you can even find out where they live. Creepy for sure, but a technological reality nevertheless.

Just look at the demo:


She takes a photo of him. The system recognizes him via a search on the Internet and tells her who he is.

The aforementioned companies are not the only corps currently developing this. already have identified 52 million people on Facebook after scanning 9 billion user pictures. Comverse has put this application in practice:


This month, will open its doors to developers, offering it an API to tap into its data. More applications are sure to follow.

It would seem that the outdoor shopping fragment in Minority Report will soon be a reality.


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