Why blog?

And how could you benefit from it?

Why blog?

If the premise of this blog is that the only way to win in the world of marketing is to create value for your customers, and then stay true to that value, then blogging is the ultimate exercise.

Nobody HAS to read your blog. Nobody has to agree with what you say. Everybody can take you on if you don't deliver on what you promise. The lack of dialog with the consumer can sometimes entice us to be smug, and eventually complacent about our success. We forget our real place in the market: one of continuous learning and continuous probing of the ever evolving desires and views of those we serve.

Secondly, blogging is a conversation with yourself as much as your audience. It focuses you to examine your opinion and formulate it in a clear and precise way. It makes us more conscious of our thought process and that alone can be a major step ahead of others in the field. (Why do people often believe what they perceive as reality anyway? Test your believes, every day.)

And if you are relevant enough to attract a large audience, blogging brings dialog that stimulates cross-pollination of ideas with an audience dedicated to your field.

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